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neighbor soft-reconfiguration inbound

Enables/disables the storage of received route updates, regardless of the inbound policy, and resets the session.

Syntax: [no] neighbor {ip-address | peer-group-name} soft-reconfiguration inbound.


IP address of BGP speaking neighbor.


Name of a BGP peer group.

Description: Changes in BGP policies require the BGP session to be cleared. Clearing has a large negative impact on network operations. Soft reconfiguration enables you to generate inbound updates from a neighbor, change and activate BGP policies without clearing the BGP session.

In order to perform inbound soft reconfiguration, the BGP speaker must store all received route updates, regardless of the current inbound policy. When inbound soft reconfiguration is enabled, the stored updates are processed by the new policy configuration to create new inbound updates.

NOTE Storage of route updates uses memory. If you enable soft-reconfiguration inbound for multiple neighbors, the amount of memory used can become significant.

Use the neighbor soft-reconfiguration inbound command to enable the storage of received updates.

NOTE Enabling soft-reconfiguration inbound will reset the BGP sesssion.

Use the ip-address parameter to enable storage of received updates from a BGP neighbor.

Use the peer-group-name parameter to enable storage of received updates from all members of a peer group.

Use the no neighbor soft-reconfiguration inbound command to disable storage of received updates.

Factory Default: Disabled.

Command Mode: Router configuration.

Example 1: In the following example, the neighbor soft-reconfiguration-inbound command enables the storage of received updates for inbound soft reconfiguration from neighbor

All updates from this neighbor are stored. When the BGP connections are reset (clear ip PCP), these updates are used to generate the new inbound updates:

router(config)#router bgp 101

router(config-router)#neighbor remote-as 234

router(config-router)#neighbor soft-reconfiguration inbound


router#show ip bgp neighbor

BGP neighbor using remote AS 234

router ID: version: 4

state: Active time: 0:00:00

def orignat: False ebgp multihop: False

n hop self: False route ref client: False

send comm: False      soft reconfig: True




Example 2: In the following example, the no neighbor soft-reconfiguration inbound command disables the storing of received updates from peer group is-grp1:

router(config)#router bgp 101

router(config-router)#no neighbor isp-grp1 soft-reconfiguration inbound

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