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clear ip bgp

Resets BGP connections to enable inbound and outbound policy changes.

Syntax: clear ip bgp { * | address | peer-group-name} [soft [in | out]]


Reset all current BGP sessions.


Reset BGP connection to specified BGP neighbor.


Reset BGP connections to all members of the specified peer group.


Initiate soft reconfiguration.

in | out

Use the in option to initiate inbound soft reconfiguration. Use the out option to initiate outbound soft reconfiguration. Use no option to initiate both inbound and outbound soft reconfiguration.

CAUTION Enabling soft reconfiguration inbound causes BGP to store all incoming route updates.

Description: Once you have defined two routers as BGP neighbors, they form a BGP connection and exchange routing information. If you make configuration changes such as add or modify BGP access lists, weight, distance, version, timers, you must clear the BGP connections for the modification to take effect.

Clearing has a large negative impact on network operations. Soft reconfiguration enables you to change and activate BGP policies without clearing the BGP session.

Use the soft keyword to specify BGP soft reconfiguration (see the neighbor soft-reconfiguration inbound command).

Factory Default: None.

Command Mode: Privileged.

Example 1: The following example resets all current BGP sessions:

router#clear ip bgp *

Example 2: The following example resets the BGP sessions to neighbor

router#clear ip bgp

Example 3: The following example resets the BGP sessions to all members of the peer group internal:

router#clear ip bgp peer-group internal

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