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neighbor distribute-list

Applies the specified address-based access list to route updates from/to a BGP peer.

Syntax: [no] neighbor {ip-address | peer-group-name} distribute-list list-name {in | out}


IP address of the BGP neighbor.


Name of a BGP peer group.


Name or number of a address-address-based access list.


Apply route address-based access list onto incoming route updates.


Apply route address-based access list onto outgoing route updates.

Description: Access lists enable you to restrict the routing information that BGP learns and/or advertises.

Use the neighbor distribute-list command to apply the access list filters named in list-name to the specified BGP neighbor or peer group.

Use the ip-address parameter to apply the specified list to a BGP neighbor.

Use the peer-group-name parameter to apply the specified list to all the members of a peer group.

If you specify a distribute list with an individual IP address, you override a distribute list defined for a peer group that includes that IP address.

If you use the neighbor distribute-list command more than once specifying the same IP address or peer group, only the last list-name is applied.

Use the no neighbor distribute-list command to remove the specified access list from route updates.

Factory Default: No distribute-lists are applied.

Command Mode: Router configuration.

Example 1: In the following example

router(config)#access-list ISP7_Inbound permit

router(config)#access-list ISP7_Inbound permit 0.0 255.255

router(config)#access-list ISP7_Inbound permit

router(config)#access-list ISP7_Inbound deny any

router(config)#router bgp 101


router(config-router)#neighbor remote-as 101

router(config-router)#neighbor distribute-list ISP7_Inbound in

Only those routes permitted by access list ISP7_Inbound are accepted from neighbor

Example 2: The following example removes the access list internal-list from outgoing updates to peer group internal:

router(config)#router bgp 101

router(config-router)#no neighbor internal distribute-list internal-list out

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