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neighbor next-hop-self

Defines the IP address of this router as the next hop to reach a destination.

Syntax: [no] neighbor {ip-address| peer-group-name} next-hop-self


IP address of a BGP neighbor.


Name of a BGP peer group.

Description: The BGP next-hop attribute is the next IP address used to reach a destination. Normally, BGP chooses the next hop automatically. In networks where BGP neighbors may not have direct access to all other neighbors on the same subnet, BGP's automatic next hop selection can result in broken routing.

Use the neighbor next-hop-self command to disable automatic next-hop selection. Updates meant for the specified system or peer group are forced to advertise this router as the next hop.

Use the ip-address parameter to configure a neighbor to specify this router as the next hop.

Use the peer-group-name parameter to configure all the members of a peer group to specify this router as their next hop.

Use the no neighbor next-hop-self command to disable this attribute.

Factory Default: Disabled.

Command Mode: Router configuration.

Example: In the following example, the neighbor next-hop-self command forces all updates for neighbor to advertise this router as the next hop, and the show ip bgp neighbor command displays the setting:

router(config)#router bgp 101

router(config-router)#neighbor remote-as 101

router(config-router)#neighbor next-hop-self


router#show ip bgp neighbor

BGP neighbor using remote AS 101 router ID: version: 4 state: Active           time: 0:46:44 def orignat: False ebgp multihop: False n hop self: True    route ref client: False




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